3097 State Route 59, Ravenna, Ohio 44266

(330) 351-1939


Payment Options are as follows

$60 a Month

$10 A class

$150 for Three Months/ $120 14 Week Students

$275 for 6 Months

Speed and Agility will be held three days a week

  • Monday 6pm-7pm
  • Wednesday 6pm-7pm
  • Saturday 9am-10am

 What is speed & agility training?

           Our speed and agility training provides the baseline athleticism necessary to refine their sport-specific skills. Athletes of all fitness and skill level can develop their functional strength, increase core stability and improve the way they move with our speed and agility program. Our program provides the foundation for many athletic skills like jumping, juking, starting, stopping, and the ability to change direction quickly.

           Darrah's All-Star Academy training creates unique, proprioceptive challenges that reinforce muscle firing sequences and motor patterns that transfer directly into movements commonly found in sport and life. This style of training demands coordinated and integrated body movements to develop speed and agility. This Class will be tought by our instructors Trevor Pesicek And Mike Darrah.